As a Black woman therapist and an anti-racist community advocate, I hear a lot. I’d like to acknowledge the sheer will and tenacity in the women I see.

I’ve long reflected upon the unseen, inequitable experiences that Black women often talk about — sometimes in whispers and sometimes in lawsuits. These experiences are all macro- and microaggressions that shouldn’t happen yet happen over and over again.

As a Black, biracial therapist, educator, and anti-racist activist myself, I have come to recognize that these experiences are a result of Black women existing at the intersectionality of sexism and racism. All of it institutionalized, invisible, and a remnant of slavery.

The human toll of these stressors is immeasurable. Our minds, bodies, souls, success, wealth, and health rise and fall depending…

La Soufriere volcano erupting over the Caribbean island of St. Vincent & The Grenadines

When your heart is in multiple worlds, it’s never easy, especially in the midst of two disasters. For when this occurs, it means your heart can break in multiple ways as well. Last Thursday, I got word that La Soufriere volcano in St. Vincent & The Grenadines was about to erupt. Then a few days ago, I learned of the shooting of yet another innocent young, black man, Daunte Wright by the police. A young man that could potentially be my son.

On April 8, Vincentians living within the red and orange zones close to La Soufriere volcano were evacuated…

14 Lessons on How Racism Works: The Story of a Black Mother who had The Department of Children and Family Services Contacted because she was 7 minutes late for Pick Up from School.

On Tuesday March 2nd, one day after Chicago Public Schools implemented hybrid learning for it’s elementary school students, an African American mother who happens to also be a Chicago Public School teacher had the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) called because she arrived to pick up her son from school 7 minutes past the 30 minute grace period that was normally allowed. According to the details from the news article, tweets to the mayor and the petition from the Local School Council on behalf of the mother, the child of this mother usually takes the bus home…

5 Ways to Celebrate in The Era of Covid19

A few years ago, I learned the significance of June 19th in African American history. Not being originally from the United States, it was not something I learned about growing up. After I learned about Juneteenth, I was surprised that not many Americans knew what it was. To me this was preposterous as on the island of Barbados, where I am originally from, we recognize and celebrate when our enslaved ancestors were freed on Emancipation Day, which is August 1st of every year. …

5 Tips on How to Continue Being A White Ally When The Protesting Stops

Recently, I’ve heard many of my white friends and allies asking how do we do this? How can we help bring change? I will tell you, it’s an honest question that I appreciate, and I want to answer because as a woman of color, I am excited that my white allies with influence, privilege and power are asking such questions.

Often times, the reality for all of us is that when an issue or a topic is foremost in our minds, we want to be involved…

Today, my family was searching for a new dentist because we have to change dental insurance. I therefore wanted to take the opportunity to support a black dentist. Why not? Ultimately, the professional has to take our insurance, be good at what they do but beyond that we wanted to support a black owned business.

I therefore started searching online. I would find a name through my insurance’s website and then search. As I would come to that medical professional’s website, I would search to see if I could see a picture of the professional to see if they were…

Shanya Gray

I am an anti-racist, black/bi-racial educator, activist and therapist. I seek to bring equity awareness/education and ways of healing for people of color.

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